Ojibwe Forest Rally

August 23, 2013

Ojibwe Forest Rally (Rally America)

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Detroit Lakes, MN, Detroit Lakes, MN, United States

The Ojibwe Forests Rally returns to the Rally America National Championship calendar for 2013 with Detroit Lakes, MN as the new host city. Much of the same roads will be used as in past years making this one of the fastest events on the schedule.



Surrounded by a multitude of state forests, this rally’s location is nothing short of spectacular. Heavily wooded forests and lakes are key features of this area, adding to the rally’s appeal and making the race all that more enjoyable to watch.


The roads at Ojibwe are fast and smooth, and drivers often cite this rally as one of their favorite races- although the roads are demanding, they are also extremely fun to navigate. Spectacular summer weather means that this rally is a favorite for spectators too! However, Ojibwe’s roads are also marked by soft, sandy spots, which can create trouble for rally teams, as sand can slow cars down and make it difficult to make up for time lost. This means that co-drivers need to be especially accurate with their instructions, as many a top podium spot has been lost to the sand.